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Join us LIVE for the 5th Galilee Awakening event!
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Gilad & Magi Rosinger founded Radiant Israel The Galilee Awakening is an ongoing movement of the Holy Spirit where believers in the Galilee and the Nations are being awakened to the truth of living in revival and worshipping ADONAI in Spirit and in Truth. We believe NOW is time for the ancient wells of revival to come forth in the Galilee, as this is where Yeshua started his ministry and performed most of His miracles. Join us as we contend for end time harvest and a fresh outpouring of The Holy Spirit --- Send in a voice message:

The ministry of Coffee ,Cake ,and
Miracle Prayer.

Reverend Jt was sent by God after a 15 day fast. No food.
To highways band byways. To set the homeless
Outcast free from The World, Flesh and devil’s.
I do 6/7 days a week. After I suffered financial and physical shipwreck.
I give food clothing coffee and lunches out everyday.
With water baptism and excorcism prayer to set the troubled souls free. Christ in my heart by faith.
Ephesians 3:17
To God be the Glory.
Giving Grace and liberty by His Spirit.
2 Corinthians 3:17