Conspiracy theorists no more!

This is going to be the beginning of a new book that I am going to write but it’s going to be a series of blogs that I will turn into a book. Ruff draft first few chapters of the book I am going to write are going to be about myself but here’s a unedited version that I will be putting


My real name is Daniel J Leach jr. I’m American born Activist, Podcaster, blogger and community organizer, I was raised in Rochester NY from a middle class family. My dad was a union teamster truck driver and my momma was a certified nursing assistant for many years before moving to Minnesota to take care of my grandparents until they all passed away including my momma after taking the Covid 19 vaccine. My parents divorced when I was a young boy only 7 years old my dad Dan Sr raised us 3 boys Me and my two brothers Jasen and Gordy as a single parent until he remarried to Stephanie who had two children Justin and Ashley and throughout my teenage years we were like the Brady bunch but more like the Adams family meats the Munsters. I was into sports, wrestling was my favorite. I was also in the marching band playing the tuba we were two time state champions. I graduated high school in 1994 my first job was working for Uhaul and I also was doing landscaping and professional moving. I spent some time in community college just studying liberal art’s because I had no direction or goals I didn’t know what exactly I wanted to do with my life but I met a guy who told me to check out and research what in the world is going on at Denver international airport it was a website by David Ike. From that I started my first online chat forum called underground world news on Yahoo! Groups. While in college I was offered a Job as a teacher’s assistant that I did for Ten+ years until the company changed ownership. I changed Careers and began working as a Certified nursing assistant that I did for 10+ years. I again changed Careers and got into doing private security until I moved to Williston ND and got a job working in the oilfield as a roustabout building Oil tank batteries until 2014 when the oil boom went bust I then went back to doing security until 2016. I then got a job working for Sabin metal it’s a private precious metals refinery. I worked there for about 5 years until my uncle moved to Williston NY and took a job doing professional insulation and I was offered a job and I didn’t want to turn down working around family. Anyways that’s my work history. Ok about my real passion activism it all started back before 9/11 with a sudden religious experience I call my awakening I was 27 years old I’ll add a ((Chapter)) video testimonial here it’s a long story but amazing. Anyways I met some Christian friends along the way who were into activism and helping out soup kitchens so I started to volunteer and worked my way up into leadership. I would take groups on tour’s of the underground tunnels where the homeless people were living and we would bring them food and hot meals. While doing this I started to meet many different kinds of activist people The one that sparked my attention was End the Fed that’s because I had no idea what that even was at the time. During this journey while in college I learned about William Cooper and David Ike’s websites What in the world is going on at Denver international airport. My eyes were open to a whole new world of secret society’s. Anyways I became a conspiracy theorist and I would talk to my dad about all of these crazy things one day my dad said I went to get the TV fixed, that was after our house flooded and he says there are these guys at the TV shop there just like you crazy conspiracy theorists. Anyways I go to the TV shop and I meet these guys we became good friends we started having regular meetings and one day I said I listen to this radio show 1310 AM why don’t we start our own show. Anyways we did we started a show it lasted for about three months before 9/11 happened. During this radio show we had people calling up wanting to get together to talk about what happened on 9/11 that was my first experience organizing events outside of college. We met at a downtown coffee shop called Java Joe’s. That group turned into a 911 truth group and from that group and radio show I met who Would become a very good friend and mentor Joseph Farrara who Started a vegetarian café and he asked if I would help to manage and I did also at that time Ron Paul was running for president and I started a local campaign organization this was in 2008 and we began to have meetings at the vegetarian café after Ron Paul finished his 2008 presidential campaign he started an organization called campaign for liberty. I joined campaign for liberty after about two months they began restricting ourFreedom of speech we were not allowed to talk about 911 the New World order or any conspiracy theories. So so begin my journey to start my own political organization the Anti New World order party that has been changed to the #AntiDeepStateParty. I’ve written thousands of articles shared them on Facebook and all the other social media’s anyways that’s where this book comes in after being deactivated twice from Facebook that is when I said I’ve had enough and I started to build this idea for writing a book and build the website

I’ll add as a story continues to expand into different categories.



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