SIMON ROCHE Has stark warning for Americans and he couldn’t be more correct. ★ South Africa on Verge of Collapse

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South African activist warns that the same forces <br>that destroyed his nation are coming for America.

A leading spokesman and organizer with a civil defense organization based in South Africa is warning America that the same subversive globalist forces that have wrecked his nation are working overtime to do the same to the U.S. and Europe. That’s the stark message delivered by Simon Roche, a top spokesman for Suidlanders, which describes itself as “a Bible believing Christian conservative group” whose members are dedicated to “personally preparing for an emergency situation like major civil unrest.” Roche is wrapping up a speaking tour in the U.S., where he has attended various meetings organized by conservative and nationalist groups, including the League of the South. He has also recently participated in numerous radio and podcast interviews, including previously with AFP. “Suidlanders was founded by our leader, Gustav Muller, over 20 years ago when he perceived that the promises of the so-called ‘New South Africa Rainbow Nation’ were flawed and were likely to lead to a severe fracturing of the society which, given the peculiar demographics of South Africa, would eventually lead to racebased conflict,” Roche told this reporter. “The organization is constituted under international law, particularly the Protocols Additional to the Geneva Conventions, as a civil defense organization dedicated to preparing a National Emergency Plan for our people.” Roche noted that since the first multiracial elections held in South Africa in 1994, which has resulted in nearly 30 years of rule by the African National Congress, “South Africa in general has deteriorated severely.” “Public hospitals are death traps,” Roche told me, while “the national airline failed completely.” Just prior to his departure to the U.S., all of South Africa “was subjected to over 9 hours per day of rolling blackouts because of the ongoing decline of the national electricity generator.” Violence is rampant as well, perhaps most especially against white South African farmers, who have long been targeted by the government and violent terrorists and criminals seeking to dispossess farmers of their land. Even top government officials are not immune to the shocking violence and criminality. Just as AFP went to press, South Africa’s transport minister and her bodyguards were robbed at gunpoint after the tires on their vehicle were slashed while traveling on a major highway in the country. Transport Minister Sindisiwe Chikunga described the experience as “very traumatizing and devastating.” The outrageous violence and criminality are widespread and impact all segments of society, Roche noted. “In February of last year, one of my sons was hijacked for his car,” Roche relayed. “When he was freed and was on his way to report it to the nearest police station, he was then mugged!” According to even mainstream media reports, nearly half of South Africa’s population is entirely dependent upon state welfare and the unemployment rate in the country is one of the highest in the world. If any of this sounds familiar, it should, as the U.S. is quickly coming to resemble the former prosperous colonial outpost settled largely by European farmers and explorers beginning in the late 1600s. “The same globalist forces that worked to destroy South Africa are at work destroying what is left of the civilized West by forced integration,” the group warns on its official website, “It’s all sanctioned.” Roche pointed out that domestic politics in the U.S. are “reminiscent of the period prior to the fall of Rome.” “Stolen elections, blatantly hijacked courts, a president with severe dementia,” Roche explained, “LGBTQ+ mania, $33 trillion in debt—it’s madness in the U.S. these days.” Given the raging conflicts in Ukraine and occupied Palestine, and the central role the U.S. has and continues to play in instigating and exacerbating these conflicts, Roche argued that the sinister forces controlling the U.S. “are hell-bent upon dragging the entire world into the abyss.” He pointed out that NATO expansion and extreme hostility towards Russia has only served to provoke Russian president Vladimir Putin, while America’s complete “one-sided support of Israel” in the Middle East has only further exacerbated conflict and war both in the region and beyond. Meanwhile, crime, corruption, and violence are rising in the U.S., all fueled by the same misguided policies that have ruined South Africa. “South Africa’s present is the West’s future if it continues down its current path,” Roche warned in  conclusion. He couldn’t be more correct.

Listen to: Simon Roche representative of South Africa's Suidlanders group 

The Coming Revolution in South Africa w/ Simon Roche

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