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She's a "civic nationalist," which is an untenable position, however this is one of the clearest descriptions of our situation and it teaches the exact remedy in law. I don't expect to find a better offering on how to restore our common law courts. Watch it more than once.

Originally Published Jul 12, 2016

lotus: justice for Maddly Arts

I was compelled to give people a little bit of what I know to be truth in light of the corruptions and moral vacancies of today concerning the coup d'état of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION and its parent STATES OF 'X'. I am hopeful that people will take this personal wisdom that I have come by and use the Law to work within it to better the plight of All.

Anyone would like a copy of the Writ of Conspiracy proving the passage of the original 13th TONA Amendment and/or the Virginia legislature publications that I have placed upon the